Swap Tokens


  • Have FTM in MetaMask on Fantom Opera for the gas fee
  • Have FTM (or the token to swap) in MetaMask on Fantom Opera

1. Go to SpiritSwap.Finance.


2. Click on "Enter App".

2. Connect wallet.

3. Click on the "Trade" tab.

4. Click on "Exchange".

5. Click on "Select a currency".

6. Type in and select "USDC".

7. Type in amount of $FTM to swap to $USDC.

  • Always leave $FTM in your wallet for the gas fee
  • Make sure the Slippage Tolerance > Price Impact
  • If Slippage Tolerance < Price Impact, select the setting icon and increase the Slippage Tolerance

8. Select "Swap".

9. Confirm the swap.

10. Confirm the transaction in MetaMask.

Last modified 4mo ago